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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bring Them On!! (Again)

(Yay! They finally fixed the stupid uploading problem! But it's now 6:16 AM and I need to go to school. But here's one 'real-life' guy I forgot to put in before first. Because I'm dying to put him up. This post was written awhile ago but just stuck with the drafts as there was no point without pics)

Before I start on the anime guys, I still have one real life guy I forgot to put in. Introducing ... Matthew Underwood from the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101.

...And this isn't even a really good pic of him. You should watch the show. He looks like a god there. His body seriously kicks ass. Here's a pic of him shirtless.

...It's even better in full view. Clicketh. But I have to go now, or my teacher will slap me for being late. The rest when I get back from school. Adieu.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Blogger still hasn't fixed the photo problem. GAH. And I have this great shirtless pic of this sexy guy too!! ><...Maybe if I pray really hard and close my eyes, it'll be fixed.

...Nah. Still not working. It's all lies, I tell you, lies.
Since the only thing I have to do now is talk about things that only I or someone who knew me would be interested in, I suggest going to the following sites:


Kenny Sia

Don't worry, they're infamous satirical blogs and kick ass.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Friendster Is Evil

I was supposed to blog about guys, but Blogger, as usual, has technical problems and I can't upload my pics. So I'll blog about Friendster.
Okay, see, there's this guy in my class. We had somewhat of a complicated 'relationship'. We did that whole looking thing, and then it became so everytime I glanced to my right (he's a mere table and aisle away) he would be looking at me. He smiled at me every chance he got. But then things changed - I got interested in another guy, and stopped all the 'signals'. So now I'm hesitant to talk to him - though he's an okay guy, actually.

Once when we were randomly sorted into groups for English, I ended up being ultra-suay, being the only girl in my group. So I was hovering at my friends' table, begging this guy to switch with me. He asked me who was in my group, and I think he was about to agree - but then The Guy walked up. And that guy from the original group would rather be with The Guy then the others, so he refused to move. And you know what happened? Without me even asking him - because this was after I stopped the signals - The Guy grabbed his chair and moved to the other group! Is that mega sweet or what? I smiled a bit at him in relief across the classroom. Yep, did he look happy after that. He still liked me, see. End Digress.)

...I think we might have been friends if this whole stupid thing hadn't taken place.

So, today I was feeling bo liao, and decided to type his name into the Friendster search thingy. So I did, and it came up with one result. The account name was his name. I wasn't actually expecting it to be the right one, but it was very sien, so I clicked. My eye fell onto one of the testimonials. It's quoted below.

"Hi th3r3 Mr Hadi...
Hmm....i h3ard from
his fr3ndz tt h3 is a bad boy hu always
bulli3s galz...i wond3r is tt tru3 i no3 h3
found som31 tt h3 lok...n hadi u b3tt3r
tr3at h3r gd as she is moi b3st frend u b3tt3r tr3at h3r gd if not i will
bash u up....n b3tt3r stop bullying
gurlz...ok...b3 a gd th3
way he is a good boy but h3 is oso a 'gd
boy'...he lov3s to play b.b n plays quit3
w3ll...haiz..nth mor3 2 say liaow...n i tok
till h3r3 liaow...
i wanna log off liaow...
must r3m3mb3r to drop a t3stii 4 mi u pass ur PSL3
wit flying colours lor...( * _ * ){tr3at h3r
gd gd hor...}"

Yeah lah, yeah lah, no point hiding his name anyway. I'm so scared he'll find this blog, but what are the freaking odds? Anyway, I started to get a bit suspicious, because it says that he likes to play B-ball, and the said guy from my class is on the basketball team. Here's a more readable thingy. Again with the basketball. It also says he's shuai, so that proves I'm capable of getting the desired guys, not just the short ones with pimples. ^^ HAH. Okay lah. Sorry, getting a bit arrogant already, paiseh.

"Hadi hadi is a very good,quite handsome
guy.He already have a girl he likes.He
plays basketball quite well.He has alot
of basketball friends.Ok thats all i want
to say.
Take care and wish u will pass all your
exams with flying colours!!(* ~ *)"

And then I saw this.

"Alright..tis guy here is ma pri.1 and 2
friend...he got "many" names u could
him hadi,sng jia lek..(sorrie if i spell
wrongly! =)..okay larh..ovaral..he is a
nice guy...can be trusted....and im sure
many gerlz will surely crazy about you!
okay..tat's all i hav to sa..bye ya!"

The thing in red the thing in red the thing in red! His FULL name, completely correct aside from the spelling error. Confirm the right account leh!! I'm so clever. (No lah, actually I already knew his email, so if I was really smart I would have just entered that and saved myself from all the unsure-ness.)

Hadi Sng Jia Le. (Hahaha, Jia Le ... so girly the name. Ahem.) Actually there's also supposed to be a 'Farris' somewhere in there, but how am I supposed to remember all his extra names?

Anyway, goes to show - be careful what you write on Friendster. What if one of your bo liao classmates decided to run a search for you, and then found your profile, where you'd written your secret blog address, containing stuff about mutual classmates and friends? Huh? HUH?!
...Which is why I deleted my Friendster account. 0:)

Oh, oh, and look at this!

"This nephew of mine is the most
hardworking and helpful of all his
siblings...ask him to do anything and he
will most probably help you out. He's
also smart (like auntie, like
nephew...hahaha) and especially good
in Maths. He will gladly assist me when
I'm stuck with a difficult sum. Thanks
Hadi! You're such a gem! I think that
he really has a bright future... Just don't
nag too much and stop fighting with Fadi

Such a gem!! Heehee! What a good boy! Heheheheheeheeheheheheheeeheheheehehehe!

I am so showing this to everyone I can. (...And I am so in trouble if anyone I know ever found this blog. 0:>)

Anyways, I did some research, and managed to find a photo of what I think is his girlfriend. (I know I said I couldn't upload pictures, but this is direct-linked from Friendster, not uploaded to Blogger from my com)

...The one on the right. How do I know? Long story. Let me tell it. I'm long winded, so it's perfect.

This is back in the time when I'd already mostly lost interest in Hadi.

Extremely Noisy Friend Of His (ENFOH) [HAHA ENFOH!]:
Oi, Hadi, show us your chio girlfriend picture lah!


(I didn't know he had a girlfriend, actually, it was all thanks to ENFOH. Luckily I didn't find out when I still liked him. Because, seriously, I really did like him alot. So I don't know what he told them, but I was pretty sure it didn't have anything to do with me, because I'd never actually talked to him before, only sent him 'signals' - but I'd already stopped anyway.)

pestering continues for unknown number of days]

Finally, one day...

ENFOH: Hahahaha! Hadiii, your girlfriend where got chio?
Other ENFOH: HAHAHA! Yeah lor, the face so fat!
(Eh, or words to that effect. This was months ago, okay.)

I conclude my case. As you can plainly see, the face of the girl on the right is not too slim. Also, she left him a damn lot of testimonials. (Though he never did give her one back) Look at this particular one.

"The best of friends,
Can change a frown,
Into a smile,
when you feel down.

The best of friends,
Will understand,
Your little trials,
And lend a hand.

The best of friends,
Will always share,
Your secret dreams,
Because they care.

The best of friends,
Worth more than gold,
Give all the love,
A heart can hold.

~luv ya!!
~dun 4get me,k?"

Yes, yes, shut up, I know it says the 'best of friends', but since when are little boysies and girlsies so friendly with each other in Singapore, eh? Well, I'm not entirely sure, but I think there's a pretty good chance that she's The One. Not that it really matters anyway - if he really liked her, then why did he send me those 'signals' back in the first place? Because he did. Let me tell it from the beginning. (I told you I'm long-winded. What a friggin' long entry.)

During Sec 1 orientation:

I don't know the exact time when he started to get interested, but I remember a few moments that seem a bit out of the ordinary...

(We all are supposed to go back to our classroom and take a chair each for some game)

Me: [Reaches classroom door and find myself face-to-face with Hadi. Instinctively steps back. (He was carrying a chair! Naturally I let him pass first.)
Him: [Smiling, murmurs] Thank you.

Is that excessive politeness or what? I know, I know, it's not that speh-cial, but he had this little sparkle in his eye. You know, that sparkle. The one you get when you're around that sexy guy you've been eyeing.

Next scene.

After Oriention ...

(This all happened after we did all the eye contact stuff. I forgot to mention that Hadi is in my Science group. At least, he was, before I switched group after I lost interest - but that's another story. And I was the only girl, what do you expect?)

Me: [Walks into Science lab]
Class Joker: Ei, ei, good morning, good morning!
Me: [Laughs and walks over to seat. See Hadi watching me. Knows he was watching ever since I walked in. He knows that I know that he was watching, too.]
Hadi: [In mimicry of joker, raises hand in greeting] Good morning!
Me: [Laughs, heart fluttering]
ENFOH [Jokingly]: Ei, Hadi, scully people think you flirting!

Ahah. :) In actual fact, he was flirting. He knew it, I knew it, he knew that I knew it and I knew that he knew I knew it.

Another incident I remember was when I was walking alone in the corridor, and glanced back to look at the murals on one of the classroom walls. Of course, being the blind idiot that I am, I hadn't noticed that Hadi was right behind me.
I looked around, and he was smiling very obviously. I was very startled, of course, and, being a loser (==") I turned right back around and ran to catch up with my friends. Sigh. What a geek.
For the rest of the day, when I looked at him, he didn't return my glances like he usually did. I think he probably thought I wasn't interested, which at that time I was.

Well, after awhile, everything was forgotten, and we started looking at each other again. Everytime I looked up, I would see him smiling at me. Really. Lots of smiling. In the science lab, when I met his eyes, he would have this slightly cocky but rather appealing and positive look on his face. I would look away, grinning slightly. Ah. Those were the days. My heart would twist itself into knots whenever I thought about him, and I could seriously hardly breathe. It was bliss.

Yeah. But then, of course, I became interested in another guy, and just cast my eyes back down in silence when he looked. Maybe I'll talk about him some other time, since no one else reads this blog because I don't publicise or tell people about it. Yay.

Well, I need sleep. And food. It's been so fun. I love talking about myself.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Bring Them On!!

I said I would blog about sexy guys I heart, so I am. These include, of course, celebrities, and I decided to throw in some anime guys because my folders are overflowing with gorgeous pics of them I just had to share. (Note: I do not take credit for any of the photos below. Duh. I'm not that pro right.)

First up is ... Vic Chou! (This isn't in order of preference, it's in order of whose-pic-I-saw-first-in-my-crap-filled-com-file.) Behold.

Hoorah! He's not my absolute favourite, of course, because he's too old for me. But still. ^^

Next is ... ah ... Lee Dong Gun.

...Stop looking at me. I know you have evil plans.

Now ... Hyun Bin!

Very pwetty! :D ...I didn't know it had a border. Ahem. And yes, both him and Lee are big time Korean drama stars. And yes, shut up, I do watch Korean dramas. ><. Is that so wrong?! Well, no, really. So I'll just proceed.

If you don't know who this is, you're seriously n'est ce pas. (I just pulled that out of my ass, I'm sorry, I'm not even entirely sure it's the right word. Wee.)

This is Tom Felton. *scoffs at those who didn't know* Of course I have other pictures of him. But I like this one because it doesn't reek of Act Cool - ness. ^^ Let's go all harajuku on him. KAWAII!!

No, the next guy isn't Daniel Radcliffe. I don't find him and his helmet head hair appealing, thank you. But I do find ... Shawn Lee and Joshua Ang appealing.

Shawn's on the left, Joshua on the right. Yes, we all knew they would come eventually. 0:) But why are they together, you ask. Well, because it's human nature to stick them together. They're two locally famous stars from the same movie. You can't have one without the other. Like Mary-Kate and Ashley. And teachers and homework. And Uzap with stupid commercial song.

And lastly...

RAIN! Ze act cool guy that is forgiven for acting cool because he's so friggin' SEXY! Yay!

I suppose that's about it for the real people. Now let's move on the anime guys! (Be prepared for longwindedness, because I fall in love with anime guys pretty often. A lot of them will be from Naruto and Final Fantasy, so be prepared. If you have some sort of mental block against stuff like this, or if you are entirely clueless about the world of anime / Japan-originated thingys, you can just skip this section or else just skim through and ogle without reading the chunks of pointless text.

First is one of my favourites ... SASUKE! (The one on the left is my Technorati profile pic too)

Multiple pics! ^^ Why? Because I just can't get enough of him, and neither can you. Anyway, there are many many different ways you can represent a certain anime character - different styles. So I want a variety.

The second guy I also like a lot ... Naruto! (From Naruto.)

Yay, so smexy. :P

And, of course, the classic ...

Sasu x Naru!

...I'm sorry for those who don't enjoy yaoi / slash, (Haha slash slash that sounds funny - ahem.) but 'tis my blog, and I happen to love yaoi. Quoting Paris Hilton - "It's hot."
...Heheheh. Sasuke's a bottom person. X)

So, yet another lovely beauty from Naruto ... Gaara!

I like Gaara. He ish smexy.

And the last of the Narutos ... Kakashi!

Yes, I realise the first pic might be a little ... graphic if you study it properly. Ah ... his ... position. If you don't see it, then I don't see it either. ^^

Whew. I'm exhausted. I think I'll continue with the rest of the anime guys tomorrow. :) It's 5 AM and I haven't slept yet! Need. Sleep. Bye for now.

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It's HER

It's time to talk about her. The menstruating hippo person. Let me begin with an eloquent description of her face.

'Tis like the layer algae floating on a pond; like monkey crap upon tree branches; like crusty warts upon ivory skin. Here is a graphic representation that I made.

Yes, I am serious. Actually, I'm astounded at how accurately it depicts her ... beauty. Yes, doesn't she look exactly like a drowned chipmunk, whatever a chipmunk is? Pay close attention to the lips. They ish thin, dry, disgusting and furthermore, the upper lip is much friggin' bigger than the lower one.
Hah. Now her nose. I didn't bother to draw properly with this 15 second pic, but let me tell it, it is absolutely tiny. And squashed. Argh. And her eyes are like ... microscopic.
Her chin, her chin. It is damn horrible, her face proportions. The distance from her mouth to the end of her face is like ... the length of Maddox's balls.

Okay, I'm not really this mean, usually. I don't anyhow discriminate against people who ended up with suckish genes. But this person ... it's her personality that makes me hate her so much. I'm supposed to be her 'friend', but it's all frickin' pretense as far as I'm concerned. Let me tell you about a few incidents.

[We are holding box lunches. The dustbin is nearly overflowing with styrofoam cartons]
[Reaches dustbin first]
Her: [Darts in front of me and dumps her box, thus taking up all remaining space]
Me: [Thinking] &*%@)(*$(@)((!))!!!!
Her: [Does her hyena laugh - throws head back, flailing her arms in that indescribable NERDINESS and spastic actions]
Me: [Balances carton on top of the mound, getting pissed because of her retardedness]

I know this isn't much, but it still gets me mad because there's a lot of other stuff she did that I've forgotten, and it adds up.
Next scenario. (Oh, by the way, she also has this irritating high, whiny voice. You know the kind.)

[Supposed to go to friend's house tomorrow to do a project]
[Pokes her] What's JL's address?
Her: [Ignores me]
Me: [Louder] Wei, what's JL's address?
Her: [Pissed off, in that irking voice of hers] Whaaaaaaat?!
Me: [Pissed off too] What's JL's address?!
Her: [Brows furrowed in irritation] Block 317.

And remember, we're not enemies or rivals or anything. I've known her for six years, and we're in the same clique in school. Sometimes we get along seriously well, and sometimes she's a bloody byotch. Sigh. Some people are just impossible.

Also, these are just recent small things that I got off the top of my mind. She's done loads more, but I'm fed up and can't be bothered anymore.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll talk about boys I love and bash Paris Hilton and her cronie Richie. But bye for now, I have to go slap some guy with fish.

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I Ish Wintergreen

Which Tic-Tac Flavor Are You?

You are Wintergreen. You are cool and collected. You are very comfortable with yourself and what you do. Even if you have a lot of responsiblities, you always manage to be in control. You are sometimes laid-back and you are always the voice of reason. However, others may see you as lazy or detached sometimes, unable to act responsibly.Most Compatible With: Lime
Take this quiz!

...Don't blame me. I like doing weird stuff. More blogging later today, when Blogger's fixed it's stupid 403 Forbidden errors. -__- And on the day I discovered Technorati too. Pfft.

I'll be blogging about one of my so-called 'friends', who has a face like a squashed chipmunk's and a personality similar to that of a menstruating hippo. Ahem.

Technorati Profile

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Stop Hiring Those Primary School Kids To Do Your Lameo Ads

I have a bone to pick - stupid commercials. One fine example is the Osim Uzap ad. And I can see the 'Ahah's! going off in your head. (Oh, yeah, I think Osim is only known in Singapore and maybe some neighbouring countries)
... I mean, the product is not necessarily retarded, but the IDIOTIC commercials make you want to slap people. You wonder how it ever made it past the drawing board. Because it only causes irritation and frustration, instead of making people want to actually BUY the thing.

Let's sing the Uzap song together! Ready? One, two ...

[Levelled female voice]

Zap zap tummy, zap zap tummy, zap zap tummy!

Zap zap butt, zap zap butt, zap zap butt!

Zap zap thighs, zap zap thighs, zap zap thighs!

...Zap zap your head lah! Dammit. I zap, Uzap, we all zap zap zap! You think people like to zap so much isit?! I zap you you want?! I am bloody sick of dumb stuff. So tomorrow I shall blog about more sexy Asian guys. ^^ And then I will proceed to bash one of my enemies. Yay!

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I Not Stupid

Okay. Finished doing all the technical stuff already. Today talking about ... I NOT STUPID! Yay! Everyone clap their hands and be happeh, because I Not Stupid means SHAWN LEE and JOSHUA ANG! (I Not Stupid is a local Singaporean movie, BTW)

Now that I've successfully broken my caps lock, let's move on.

I love Shawn Lee. I really do. (Okay lah, I photoshopped the grey eyes onto him. I damn bo liao lah. BUT GREY EYES SO PRETTY LEH!)
Ahem. Anyway, isn't he the most shuai (handsome) guy you've ever seen? *heart heart* *hug*

Let's put up more pics so we can all drool.

Wait. Picture something not right. Let me correct it.

CORRIGHT! ...Wah, Joshua about as bo liao as me.

This is Joshua.

Obivously, the guy in orange. I don't find him as smexy as Shawn, but still, you have to admit he rocks too. I'll end off this post with final pictures of them because they are sibeh photogenic.

Omigod. ><. Joshua!! Admit it. You just want to hug him. NUUUUUUUUU, don't cry!! T.T ...Okay lah. Getting a bit the dramatic already. But still. JOSHUAAAAA!!!

(For more pics, go to And post on the tagboard, would you? It's in that little scrolling box thingy up there)

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I Must

I cannot take it anymore. I must blog. I've started this blog just for myself, so I don't have to use a frickin' diary, because is slow, outdated and meant only for those Texas rangers who run around shooting off their own heads.
...Okay, I admit, that was random, I couldn't think up a better comparative insult. Crap, I suck.
This will be the last time you see me writing in universal english. Because I live in Singapore, and we use slang like hell. Once I start the real blog, I will unleash my Singlish like lightning upon an open field. HAH. Non-Singaporeans can go to for the Singlish dictionary, if you're stupid enough to waste hours of your life looking up broken Hokkien just so you can decipher the blabbering of an ignorant (going-on) 13-year-old's words, so be it.
Yes, I am 13. Hard to believe, isn't it? I believe the correct word to use here is precocious. So >:P to you.

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The angel in me ...


Every morning I wake up at 5.30 AM and watch porings until noon. Then I have a quick lunch of roots and water and then watch porings until it gets dark. Then I go home and think about porings until its time for bed.

But Seriously...

Name: Karma
Age: 13
Location: Singapore, or That Little Insignificant Dot On The Atlas That Everyone Thinks Is A Ketchup Stain
Reason for Blogging: To vent my friggin' feelings.

seventh heaven


- Chocolate. The gift from above.

- Beautiful boys. The second gift from above.

- Sleeping. No, this isn't a gift from above, you twits.

- FINAL FANTASY! Ah, here comes the nostalgia. I don't know, it just reminds me of my childhood carefreeness. Or something.

deepest hell


- Boys that are too forward / needy / eager. They ish fweaky. Remember, don't be a whimpering beggar today!

- Stupid people. -__-


- Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Let's all mock them in high, girlish voices. *Next section is meant to be read very sarcastically.

Paris: How much are these diamond earrings, please?
Nicole: That's haaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwt.
Paris: Do you lurrrrrrve it? [To pimply, nerdy teenage girl cashier] Bye, sex!
Cashier: [under her breath] BITCH.
Nicole: Hey, let's go make out with crusty old people!
Paris: That's haaaaawwwwt.

Yay. Let's sing the Paris and Nicole song. I hate you, you hate me, we're a suckish family...

somewhere out there

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talk to me

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old dreams


shooting stars

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